The Undergraduate Committee develops policies and manages the educational programs determined in the Curriculum for the undergraduate courses in Natural Sciences – Medicine, Biomedicine and Health Biotechnology, Physical Therapy, Occupational Therapy, Speech Therapy, Nutrition and Metabolism of the School of Medicine of Ribeirão Preto – USP and the inter-facilities course of Medical Informatics jointly conducted with the School of Philosophy, Sciences and Languages of Ribeirão Preto – USP.

Additionally the UC coordinates the activities of the Multidisciplinary Laboratory (ML), Center for Psychological and Educational Support – CAEP and the activities of the Special Training Program (PET) and also develops special activities through permanent subcommittees.

The Multidisciplinary Laboratory is composed of classrooms, lecture rooms, and laboratories for practical classes which are for common use of all FMRP Departments. The Lab concentrates in its physical area the great majority of activities from the first years of the undergraduate courses.

The Center for Educational Technology (CETE) is composed of equipment, audiovisual and informatics material for use of students and professors. The Pro-student room which is linked to CETE consists of a large set of computers connected to the Internet which also integrates the facilities of the Computer Labs of FMRP.

CAEP is responsible for the assistance and counseling to students with emotional and school problems, as well as for the technical support to professors of FMRP Departments.

PET is a program supported by CAPES aiming at the development of expertise in a skillful group of students that participates in specific extracurricular activities selected by a Tutor, who is a FMRP professor.

Permanent activities are developed by the Subcommittee of Disciplines Evaluation and by the Work Group for Terminal Evaluation of Competences in Undergraduate in Medicine. These subcommittees provide assistance for the permanent control of the quality for the Medicine course at FMRP-USP.